Perpetual Process started as a simple musical experimentation.  Over a decade, however, this experimentation grew into an eclectic blend of lush female vocals, exotic electronic sounds, and mix of live instruments. The project was founded by Ralph Klisiewicz, who writes and produces most of the content.  The initial idea was to produce mostly electronic music. At the time inception of Perpetual Process, the computer plug-in revolution was taking place. This made the production of music possible without the need of a commercial studio.  The decision was made to avoid electronic DJ like sets and instead perform Perpetual Process music in a setting of live instruments.  Therefore, Ralph set out to form a band.


First member to join Perpetual Process was Cornelius Boon. Cornelius is a bass player with many years of live experience. Cornelius moved to Chicago in 1995 and joined industrial band 13MG. The band toured nationally for 4 years. He also played a series of shows with the Final Cut, including opening dates with Pigface. Given his experience, he has been essential in the transition of Perpetual Process from an electronic home studio project to a live band.


Perpetual Process rotated several singers and drummers while performing at local Chicago venues for few years. Eventually the band settled on Kevin (Jrumz) Jones who is a studio drummer working in Chicago. He developed his skills initially playing for various gospel bands. However, over the last several years he has been hired to record for artists ranging in various styles such as rock, R&B and Funk. One could say that his style is a fusion of Stewart Copeland and Carter Beauford. The addition of such a talented drummer immediately added an organic element to the Perpetual Process sound while maintaining its roots to electronics.


Katie Somers was the last musical piece added to Perpetual Process. Katie has been studying music for years. She also helped run a children's music school in Chicago’s north suburbs. Katie has a smooth jazzy-lounge style yet her voice posses a powerful emotional drive. Her voice is now an instantly recognizable component of what makes the unique sound of Perpetual Process.


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